Best Apex Legends Characters (Leaked, Latest, Free, & Premium)

Apex games have just released its new battle royale game that might give Fortnite and PUBG a tight completion. The name of the game is Apex Legends. With its launch, more than 50 million people downloaded this game and started playing it free. Here you can check the Best Apex Legends characters that you can check here and use as per your wish.

Apex Legends Characters

Apex Legends Characters

To become Apex legends, you must have lots of talent, patience, strength, grit, and lots of luck. In this game, you will find lots of legends out of which you need to pick your favorite one and check the skills that they have and are useful to create a squad.

Bangalore (Professional Soldier)

Bangalore is a professional soldier who is born in a military family. Her name is Anita Williams and is 35 years old. Her main weapon is Smoke Launcher and she fights to raise the fund for passage back to the IMC in the hope of reuniting the remaining of her family.

Bloodhound (Technological Tracker)

The character is quite wealthy, murderer, whisperer, a slave that makes him quite interesting. It looks like a half bat and other dozen things. The character comes with unparalleled skills that are boon to the team which he or she joined. It helps in rooting out the opponents and with these characters, you can track the movement of the enemy.

Caustic (Toxic Trapper)

Alexander Nox is a scientist who named this character Caustic. The Caustic character puts all his gaseous skills to test and observes their outcomes with lots of interest. The scientist is the manufacturer of the pesticide’s gases that he uses these pesticides to protect the crops. He worked really hard to develop new gases. He then tests these gases quite some time and observes the outcome.

Gibraltar (Shielded Fortress)

The wild Apex Legends is a gentle giant who has the skills to get out of dangerous situations. The legend will not forget the sacrifice that he made and devoted his life to helping others. Gibraltar is one of the best apex legends characters that put himself to save his team and send his enemies to cover.

Lifeline (Combat Medic)

The Lifeline apex legends have sacrificed all her life to help others. Sometimes, she becomes sarcastic and sometimes callous but her main motive is to help people and make the world better.

Mirage (Holographic Trickster)

Mirage is a stand out guy who is the youngest brothers and is perfect in making fool to get attention. The main technology that he took seriously is holo-pilot technology that was introduced with illusion-creating tech.

Pathfinder (Forward Scout)

The Pathfinder is enthusiastic and quite helping. He is ready to make new friends and shoot them when required. He has joined the game to gain and draw the attention of the creator. The Mobile robotic versatile entity is specialized as per scouting and surveying.

Wraith (Interdimensional Skirmisher)

She is a whirlwind fighter who gives swift and deadly attacks and manipulates the space-time by opening rifts. The Wraith joined the task and with every task, she has started coming nearer to the truth.

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