Download Apex Legends Apk for Android, Xbox One, Origin, PS4, PC

After PUBG Mobile and Fortnite play free games, Apex Legends is another free-to-play battle royale game. In this shooter game, you will find legendary characters that have unique skills of creating own squad and battle for fame and getting fortune at the frontier. Check the inside details about Apex Legends apk, tips to win the game, and process to download the Apex Legend game for Xbox One, Origin, PS4, and PC here.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Just like Fortnite Apk, you need to pick up your character and team up in a squad and show all your of your enemies and players how strong your legends are and what they are made up of.


In this game, you will find various legends including outlaws, soldiers, misfits, misanthropes. Everyone has their own set of skills that you can use whenever required. The game welcomes all these legends to make the players survive for long. Whosoever survives till last will be called as Legend.

Your Squad

Team up with other legends and combine everyone’s skills together and build an ultimate squad. To communicate with your squadmates, you can use feature voice-chat communication and with single button communications approach you can allow players to use features like weapons, rally points, and opponents.

Apex Packs

You can buy new cosmetic items by opening Apex Packs containing the rewards, in-game currency like crafting materials. Players can also use various legend tokens to play the game that is used to unlock the legends and cosmetic items.

How to win the Apex Legends?

Strategic Battle Royale: To survive in the Apex Games, you need to think more. You have to be master in your legend’s abilities. Create your own strategy and follow the strategy and use all players’ strength.

Innovative Combat: With Apex Legends, you can experience the new evolution for battle royale via respawn beacons that help in resurrect your teammates and smart comms that help you communicate, intelligent inventory that helps in grabbing the things you need.  In the game, you can drop with the action using jumpmaster deployment.

Regular Seasons: You need to compete every season and with this unlock the new legends, weapons, loot, battle pass and more.

Apex Legends Apk Requirements

  • Name:                                Apex Legends
  • Name of the Developer:                Respawn Entertainment
  • Release Date:                             4th February 2019
  • Space Required:                         22GB
  • Latest Version:                           1.0.3
  • Publisher Name:                         Electronic Arts

Apex Legends Apk for Android

With amazing graphics, incredible gameplay, user-friendly communication between players. Just after its release, the game has gain immense popularity and around 25 million users have downloaded the game. Currently, you can just play free on the android device as it is not available on Google Play Store.

How to install Apex Legends on PC?

  • Go to its official website of EA’s Apex Legends.
  • You will find the button “Download for Free”.
  • In its drop-down list, you will find “Origin on PC” icon.
  • Click on the icon and “Apexlegendsinstaller.exe” will start downloading.
  • After the completion of the download process, you need to open its “Apexlegendinstaller.exe” file which is bundled in Origin Launcher.
  • You will find a checkbox “I have read and accepted the origin end user license agreement”.
  • Then Press Continue icon.

How to install Apex Legends on Xbox One and PS4?

Follow the above process step by step that is mentioned in “How to install Apex Legends on PC?” and use, play the Apex Legends game on Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

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