Fortnite New Skins (Upcoming & Leaked): How to get Singularity Skin?

Every day the Epic Games releases or update the skins in the Fortnite Item Shop to keep entertainment to the next level. You can buy these skins by paying some bucks from the shop. Infact the players get a chance to unlock the skin by completing the weekly challenges. You can check other ways to unlock the Fortnite new skins in Season 9 below.

Fortnite New Skins

Fortnite New Skins

With v9.30 update, in season 9 the mystery skin, singularity was leaked. After the servers back up, you can find singularity challenges icon that allows you to see the skin. Not only this, you will find different beautiful new skins in Fortnite Season 10 whenever the season releases.


The other Fortnite skin which is expected to arrive soon is Airhead. The Airhead is an epic fortnite outfit which is unreleased. Many of the players are waiting for this skin.

Fortnite World Cup Skins

With 9.30 patches, you will find lots of Fortnite World cup skins. Yet it is not confirmed but in Fortnite Season 10 you might find these wonderful skins along with world cup glider and world cup pickaxe.

Apart from these, there are more unreleased and leaked skins available in Fortnite Item Shop including Neo Versa, Starfish, Summer drift, Wonder, Bao Basket, Chow Down, and many more

Singularity Mystery/Secret Skin

It has a total of three different stages with different styles that cannot be find in previous seasons.

Cuddle Style

Drift Style

Durr Style

Rex Style

Right now we don’t have any information as how these styles can be unlocked. You might find these styles after completing all the stages of the skin are unlocked or players reached to the XP milestone.

In Fortnite Season 9, there is introduction of Fortbytes. After completing the set amount of weekly Fortnite challenges, you can collect 90 Fortbytes. Right now you will not find singularity skin to unlock as there are no any fortbyte challenges that can be unlocked.

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When does the Epic Games update the item shop?

The Epic Games update the item shop at 5pm PT daily. Many times the Epic Games makes an early day update whenever they launch a new skin corresponding to a new patch. The time of this is usually 3 AM PT or at the maintenance time.

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Should I get Mystery/ Secret Singularity Skin?

The skin is yet not arrived. The Mystery/Secret Singularity skin might be a battle pass skin that you can earn by crossing all the stages. You need to get 90 Fortbytes to unlock this skin. If it is not a battle pass skin then you might get the skin at any time from an Item shop.

You might be curious to know about the mystery behind Season 9 mystery singularity skin and its different styles? Do you want to collect 90 Fortbytes to unlock the skin? If yes, then comment below. If you have any query then also you can mention below and one of our team member will get back with an answer. If you want to know some other information then also you can text us in the comment box below and we will get in touch with an answer soon. Stay tuned!!

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