Fortnite Patch Notes V6.00: Weapons, Pets (What’s New)

Everyone is curious to know the upcoming goodies, weapons, and patch notes that come with the launch of Season 6. In Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass, you can explore an island with pets, shadows, and deadly weapons. Find what is inside in this Fortnite Patch Notes V6.00 with detailed information.

Fortnite Patch Notes

Fortnite Patch Notes

Epic Games releases the patches weekly on Tuesday’s and posted it on its official website. Till date, the Epic Game has released lots of Patch notes. Here we are giving you the details of most used and preferred Patch note.

Fortnite Patch Note V6.00

  • In this patch note, you will find Battle Pass or Fortnite Battle Royale with 100 levels and 100 new rewards.
  • You can buy in-game purchases at 950 V Bucks.
  • You will find pets.
  • Shadow Stones to embrace the darkness.
  • Floating island, growing crops, storm approaching, and many other instances can be seen.
  • Save the world from Riot Husky who is a new enemy that approaches from the storm.
  • Join cram session to earn add-in rewards.

Fortnite Patch Note V5.41

  • Port-a-fortress is massive fortresses that defend against enemies.
  • The new Battle Royale playground named as “Spiky Stadium”. Show your creativity in this playground.
  • To save the world, you will find Horde Challenge where many husks gathered and the crowd cannot be controlled.
  • Bowler is the newest weapon to strike down the enemies.

Fortnite Patch Note V5.40

  • In this note, you need to assemble your crew at High Stake event. Complete your challenge and get some goodies.
  • Harvester Ninja will also join the fight when you jump into the action
  • Join Weekly Horde Challenge 5 where you can play with strong knockbacks. Just gather your team and take them to complete the task.

Fortnite Patch Note V5.30

  • To claim the victory royale, you need to collect points in Limited Time Mode. A person who is having the most points will be the winner.
  • You need to complete the Horde Challenge to earn the legendary reward.
  • With multi-barrelled Flintlock weapon, you can create lots of damage and ammo.
  • Repairing to the risky reels gets completed and you will find new movie arrival.

Fortnite Patch Note V5.21

  • Find heavy sniper rifle that delivers damage to enemies.
  • Thora lures into the traps and controls things when it goes critical.
  • In this patch note, you will find additional impulse grenades, bounce pads, and launch pads that roam all over the map.

Fortnite Patch Note V5.20

  • In this patch note, you find double barrel shotgun packed with 2 shots each.
  • In the horde challenge, you need to test the skills and get lots of loot by completing the weekly horde challenges.
  • The mythic outlander arrives at ground shattering with seismic impact.

Fortnite Patch Note V5.1

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