Fortnite Season 10 Countdown (Release Date, Skins, Map)

When is Fortnite Season 10 Coming Out? What is new in Season 10? Are you looking for new skins, weapons, emote, and gliders? Take a look on these upcoming details of this season here. The countdown of this season begins and is expected to be release on 1st August 2019. Now you can say bye bye to Fortnite Season 9 on 30th July 2019. Check the leaked details including skin, map, theme, and more about this 10 season.

Fortnite Season 10 Release Date

Fortnite Season 10

As per various statements, the expected date of season 10 release is 1st Aug 2019. The Epic Games will be going to release its new season just after the end of its season 9 which is expected to end on 30th July 2019. Soon after this, the Epic Games will launch its new season 10 that will surprise its lovers after the launch. Do you want to know the skin, theme, weapons, gliders, and more about this 10th Season? Scroll down the page and take a look.

Season 10 Skins

In this season, you will find polar peak mountain with giant eye appearing from one side. You cannot predict whose eyes are they and who is looking from that side. You will find dragon eggs, monsters, and other snowy characters. Monsters will destroy polar peak and leave their footprints while moving towards the sea from frozen lake. The details which I have mentioned here are based on rumors and facts. We will update the right details here as we get the right information.

Battle Pass

When you think of Season 10, then first thing came into your mind is Battle Pass. The Fortnite Battle Pass is used to unlock the challenges and add-on goodies; you need to spend 950 V-Bucks. In this upcoming season, the smallest bundle will cost you 1000 bucks with 7.99 pounds or 9.99 dollars required to unlock the battle passes. All you need is 950 V-Bucks in your bank to buy this battle pass.


In its previous season, you find various themes that are fascinating. Now in this season, you will be going to find dragon or forest kind of theme. In this theme, you will find dragons and their eggs. They are very huge and can’t be visible on Fortnite map. The details of the theme are yet not known but we will soon update the details here as we receive the information.


The details about the weapons are not known but we will update the details soon as we receive any information from Epic Games about the weapons. As per sources, the weapons will be twice deadly as it was in season 9. You will find amazing guns, rifles, and gliders. Meanwhile, you can enjoy other details.

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