Fortnite Season 4: Challenges, Battle Pass, Date, Theme

Fortnite apk is becoming the first priority for game lovers who love shooting and adventure game. It has 100 tiers with awesome new rewards having cosmetic items, emotes, and sprays. Here you can check the challenges, battle pass, date, and theme are there in Fortnite Season 4.

Fortnite season 4

Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass

  • In this season 4, the enemies can drop different materials, ingredients, and ammunition. If the enemy is larger or tougher then they can drop different and more items and crafting ingredients. As the mission gets more difficult, the crafting ingredient’s tier also increases.
  • Whenever enemies are killed then they can drop loot on the ground.
  • The mini-boss drops a different kind of items including cache where you will find three rarities of schematic caches including rare, epic, and legendary. The higher the mission and more is the difficulty. Every mini-boss will drop an item type for every player in the form of cache. The material cache contains the storm evolution materials such as storm shard, a drop of rain, and other. These caches are opened at the mission completion.
  • A Teleporter gadget improves the usability and fun part of this season. It has no cooldown effect when it is activated. In fact, the base has increased to 20 tiles. It has a default pick up time which is 2.5 seconds and the default arm time is 5.5 seconds.
  • With the Teleporter improvements, the upgrades are adjusted accordingly. The upgrade 1 lets you transport friendly projectiles whereas in upgrade 2 you can reduce the pickup time to 0.5 seconds. In upgrade 3, cut down arm time when it is at 1.5 seconds. The next upgrade, the range of teleporter increases by 10 tiles. After this, it allows the enemy projectiles to go along with a teleporter.
  • In this season, you will get an improved hover bot turret that has reduced recharge time from 240 seconds to 150 seconds. The default duration time gets reduced to 20 seconds. The base reduced from 20 to 15 and many other upgrades are there.
  • Few shortcut keys like “B” button is used for Emote, “V” to bring team chat.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug of unsearchable corn.
  • Prevention of an issue causing C4 from getting thrown while sprinting.
  • Prevention of helium shotgun projectiles from moving all around the world.


  • Whisper 45 is the silenced semi-auto pistol.
  • Specter is complete automatic submachine gun having high fire rate while its epic and legendary versions have the silencer.

Fortnite 4 season

  • Crossbow is the sniper weapon that fires the projectile
  • The bald eagle is the slow firing pistol that causes great damage.
  • Other weapons like extinguisher, Deathwing, heartbreaker, tsunami, scoped wasp, burst sniper, and other scoped sniper rifles do not cause any damage. Their range increases from 20 tiles to 50 tiles.


  • You will find the blockbuster tickets inside the upgrade and daily liamas. The player can earn these by completing the challenge or via defeating the miniboss mission. Along with this, you will find a blockbuster liama in the loot tab containing one epic quality or higher military weapon. It cost you 500 for blockbuster tickets.
  • By completing the quest week, they will reward you the choice of legendary ranged weapon including a bald eagle, crossbow, silenced spectre which is quite different from fortnite season 5.
  • Mini Liamas dropped from 30 to 50 gold and if they get silver then there will be a drop in an additional item.
  • You will get a miniboss Mission Alerts which is quite common in this event and the person will get the reward between 50 to 120 tickets that have 10 per day as a quota. The Mutant storm mission will make you return to the normal levels and will no longer reward you any event tickets. It has 3 per day as a quota.

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