Fortnite Season 8: Release Date, Battle Pass, Skins (What’s New)

After Fortnite Season 7, Epic Games is going to release its new season Fortnite Season 8. Every Fortnite lover is waiting for this season as it is expected to be the most amazing season of Fortnite till date. As per some rumors, you might experience an abrupt volcano eruption. You might be curious to know the release date of this upcoming season, weapons, emotes available in this season. Epic Games might release Season 8 on 28th February 2019. Here you can check the details related to the Fortnite season 8 rumors including release date, upcoming skins, weapons, and emotes.

According to some leaks, you might experience events like Data Mining, digging and most catastrophic Earthquake. It can be more than an earthquake that is the eruption of a volcano.

Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite Season 8: What is the Release Date?

Many of the website stating that this season will be going to be released on 14th February 2019 that is on Valentine’s Day. But this is not true; the Fortnite Season 8 is going to be released on Thursday, 28th February 2019. The date is partially announced yet. So we can’t say the exact date. The exact date will be known to you as we receive the information. Hence to get the latest update about the release date, you need to visit this page regularly.

In the volcano eruption, you will find a huge mountain off that turns into a volcano. The top part will blow off and then you find rain of fire and brimstone. This will destroy the older parts, lava will flow abruptly and reshape the whole map.

The Fortnite Season 7 was delayed for two weeks. This causes the delay in releasing its eighth season. Else the season 8 will release in the first week of February month. Anyways, the real date for 8th season is not announced by Epic Games. We are waiting for the announcement.

When does Fortnite Season 7 End?

As per prediction, the Season 7 might end on 27th February 2019 that is on Wednesday. In the month of February, Epic Games will announce the dates. So be ready to play the new season of Fortnite.

The developers of the Epic Games update the Fortnite Battle Royale in every 2 months. By updating, the players feel connected and excited about the game. In terms of an update, the developers add new weapons, emotes, and skins to make the game interesting. They also add different game modes and events to test the game and predict what it should be in the future.

Epic Games released its Fortnite Season 6 in the month of September 2018 and Fortnite Season 7 was released in the mid-week of December 2018. Hence just after 2 months, Epic Games is planning to release its new Season in February month.

On 28th February 2019 (Thursday), you will find the Fortnite’s new season. As per rumors the Epic game will release the Season 8 Fortnite at 9AM with UK time and is said to be the big release day. You can enjoy the release of new skins, challenges, locations, and new Fortnite season 8 map which is yet not known. We will update the dates soon as we receive the information. To get the latest update, stay connected with this page.

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What will happen in Fortnite Season 8?

Season 8 will be going to be an amazing season where you will find wonderful locations, maps, and themes.

Battle Pass

You can play Fortnite Battle Royale free. You do not have to pay any fees or amount for playing on your device. But if you want to enjoy the access to its premium battle pass and challenges that are associated with the game, then you need to buy the pass cost. Not only this you can also buy Battle Bundle that will give you more opportunity.

By purchasing the Battle Bundle, you can access the battle pass and can unlock your next 25 tiers with 40% discount. This Battle bundle is available at 2,800 V-Bucks. You might get the new battle bundle in Fortnite season 8 leaked. Stay connected to know the price of the battle bundle.

Check new skins, weapons, and emotes available in Fortnite Item Shop Today

To get 1,000 V-Bucks, you need to pay $10 real amount. By playing this game, you can earn more V-Bucks every season. This is just an initial investment for the single premium battle pass, after this, you can progress with every tier to earn money. In the upcoming season, you might get a new Battle pass and the old battle pass will expire. The price of the new battle pass is not known but we will update it here soon.

Fortnite Season 8 Theme

As Fortnite new season date is approaching, the Fortnite lovers are pleased to know the release date. Not only this, they are curious to know the Fortnite Leaked Skins, and upcoming skins. As per news, you will find a medieval theme or aquatic theme. We cannot say anything as Epic Games did not mention the theme design of its Fortnite new season. Many of them are saying that season 8 will be based on spring season theme.

Few of them are saying that you will find an underwater theme where you will find drift board and airplanes. You can expect submarines, sea vehicles, jet skis, and other skins that might arrive in this upcoming season.

Fortnite Season 8 Skins

You might be curious to know the season 8 leaked skins which might be available in Season 8. In season 7, you have experienced winter based skin and few other deadly skins. With every season, you get to see wonderful and fresh skins that will keep the game entertaining.

In this season 8 Fortnite skins, you will find icy parts and maps. The Greasy Grove might submerge into the frozen lake. You will find fascinating buildings, weapons, and chests onto the surface. You might see an Idiot Fish Skin which is the most incredible skin till date. The theme can be an underwater theme that comes along with scuba diver skins. Not only this will you find aquatic creatures and the enchanting spring season.

Challenges/ Weapons

The Fortnite season 8 be gonna very challenging. As we all know, as season increases the difficulty and complexity of the season will accordingly increase. So you can expect that season 8 will be more and more difficult than its other season.

Stormwing Plane might be seen in this upcoming season that will attract many of the Fortnite lovers. You might find balloons, updated scope crosshair, Thermal AR, and double barrel shotgun.  The Iceberg biome which might be seen in this season 8 will give you a cooling effect. You will find sizzling frosty flights, polar peak, and Happy Hamlet locations that will double your excitement.


Regarding the location, we cannot say anything. But as per a few sources we came to know that the season will be pictured near to the lake. It is not confirmed it is just a rumor. We will update as soon as possible. If you want to know any other information, then just mention in the comment box and one of our team members will get back with the answer.


  1. I am really excited for season 8. The only thing I want removed is planes because they are really annoying. I hope that the frozen bundle skins might appear in the battle pass and I hope their will be some really cool skins (e.g lynks or similar). I am getting the battle pass this year and I hope some of the emotes in the battle pass will be a little better than last season, due to the fact that most of friends did not purchase the battle pass. Thank you

  2. Well let me be honest… The planes can be annoying and they can be fun. If you are on the ground with not many mats and someone else is in a plane and they are spraying you with the plane then… Its fun for the person flying the plane but not for the person that is on the ground.

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