Fortnite Season 12 Release Date, Skins, Maps (What’s New)

Day by day, the Fortnite Battle Royale is getting immense popularity. Whenever anyone thinks of the Battle Royale game, the first name comes into the mind is FORTNITE. After the season 11, the Epic Games will now surprise its lovers by releasing its upcoming season that is Fortnite Season 12 which is expected to be released on 6th Feb 2020. Here you can check the release date, skins, and locations which you will find in season 12 Fortnite.

Fortnite Season 12 might release on 6th Feb 2020, Get the latest update of Season 12

Fortnite Season 12

Fortnite Season 12 Release date

You might be curious to know that When is season 12 of Fortnite coming out? As per rumors, the Epic game will be going to release its “Fortnite New Season 12” in the first week of Feb 2020 on Thursday that is on 6th Feb 2020. The season 12 Fortnite release date which we have mentioned here is confirmed and is displayed on the official website’s Battle Pass page.

As per leaks, the Fortnite Season 11 might end on 5th Feb 2020 and the Fortnite Season 12 will be expected to release on 6th Feb 2020.

The Epic Games released its Fortnite season 5 in July month and Fortnite Season 6 on 27th September 2018 whereas the Fortnite Season 7 was released on 6th December 2018 and Fortnite Season 8 was released on 28th February 2019. According to this prediction, the Epic Games might come up with its new season 12 release date Fortnite in Feb 2020. Stay tuned with our website to get more details about this upcoming season.

What is Fortnite Season 11 End Date?

The Epic Games released the Fortnite Season 11 on 14th October 2019 and the end date of this season is now known and it is expected to end on 6th Feb 2020.

Many Fortnite lovers lovers were quite excited when the previous map was sucked up in a black hole and a new universe took its place. Although the new map is bigger but is very generalised and needs more mobility. Lets see what the new season would bring with it for us.

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Season 9 Skins

After the end of season 11, the Epic Games will be going to release its Fortnite new season. In season 8, we had the Ruin skin that helped in the volcano eruption and in season 9, we had the Singularity skin that helped defeat the monster. So, in this season, we might have a new skin called Sorana with the description “She is here to crash the party!”. Lets see what major role does she play in the coming of the new season.

As per rumors, you will find many winter skins this season. We do not have confirmed information. But we will update the Fortnite Skins List soon. You need to stay connected with our website to get the details.

Battle Pass

Again we cannot say anything about the prices of the new battle pass. But with the change in the new season, the old battle pass expires and you need to buy the new battle pass which might cost you 950 bucks. For more details, keep visiting this page and get the right information.

You can play the Fortnite game absolutely free but those who want to enjoy the advantages of the premium battle pass, they can enjoy challenges. To buy a battle pass, you need to spend 950 V-Bucks i.e, $9.50.


Talking about the weapons, you will find some deadly weapons that are available at Fortnite Item shop. You can buy these weapons by paying some bucks. Pickaxe, Gliders, hammers will make you amaze with its looks. These are available at 1200 V-Bucks, 1500 V-Bucks, and at other prices. Apart from this, we will come back with the confirmed information soon. Meanwhile, you keep on checking this page.

AK-47: In this upcoming season, you can experience our very favorite classic AK-47 appear in the game to damage enemy locations and to save yourself. This gun comes with a punch, as it has high damage and can harm your enemy considerably.

Weapon Charms: Weapon charms are expected to come this upcoming season to enthrall us all.

Machine Pistol: You can also expect the return of Machine Pistol this season itself!

Maps/ Locations

As we all know the map is new and rather generalised. So, it is safe to expect that new locations will be added to the map this next season.

Risky Reels is already showing a danger sign on the drive in screen. Also, the 9th week loading screen showed a man watching few tv screens and one of them showed a storm danger too. So, this might be the build up for the next season or just an upcoming event.

Also, there is a digger machine in the Risky Reels and some of our resources say that there will more such work machines in the time to come. And considering the fact that Risky Reels is the only location from the previous map, it is sure to be the part of the storyline that will lead us into the next season.

These are just predictions which are based on rumors, but we will soon update the confirmed details as we receive from the Epic games. If you have any queries then you can mention it below in the comment box.

Fortnite Season 9 Theme

We are in the blue about what would be the theme for the next season. But, we will update you as soon as there is a leak from the Epic Games about it.

So guys, this was all about the Fortnite Season 12 Release Date Leaks and rumors and we will keep updating the article with new information. So, bookmark the page and keep checking for more!

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