Fortnite Skins List (Cosmetic Items): Free & Premium

If you are searching for the list of skins available in the Fortnite apk then you are at right place. These items are available at free of cost or at some price. Here we have listed free and premium Fortnite Skins List available at item shop which you can check.

Fortnite Skins List

Fortnite Skins list

There are different ways to get Fortnite Costume Skins or cosmetic items. Most of the cosmetic items can be purchased from an item shop by paying V-Bucks. With an increase in level or season, you can earn them by winning the Battle Pass. Few of the Fortnite Skins can be purchased via promotions including purchasing phones, consoles, and becoming a part of Twitch Prime.

Back Bling List (Backpacks)

The Back Bling is cosmetic and the backpack is an in-game limited item. The backpack allows you to do things that you cannot do in your past. Grab the jetpack that let you boost yourself in the air. You can get this item via the seasonal battle pass.

Contrail List

The item was first found in Battle Pass Season 3 and is continued. If you want to see this item, then whenever you jump from the bus to your destination, then you will leave the trail that can be customized. Coming to the skin contrails, you will find dark feathers with ravage skin, cash flow, bubbles, stars, flames, lightning, hearts, and many other contrails.

Emoji & Emoticons

You will get a complete list of emojis that can fly in the air. All you have to complete your battle to earn this emojis. You will find emojis like bush, bananas, bad apple, angel, awww, and many other emojis.

Emotes & Dances

These are used when you want to convey your feelings or want to show your style. You can buy them from item shop at few V-Bucks and by completing the battle pass. Every season comes up with new emotes and dances.


Fortnite skins

The glider is another cosmetic item offered in Fortnite Battle Royale. The items are available as weekly, daily, seasonal, or you can buy from the battle passes. Few gliders come with the limited edition and found at the time of holidays.


These items work as the weapon and are styled in such a way that let destruction. Every item is assigned rarity having a different cost. Few of the harvesting tools come with limited edition and you will find them at the time of holidays or battle pass. The resonator and turbine are the unreleased tools whereas Smash up and Guiding Glow are Season 6 pickaxes. You will find other uncommon gliders and pickaxe tools.

Loading Screen

You can earn the loading screen via battle pass that is unlocked. These can be earned via completing the Season 4 battle pass. In this loading screen, you will get a clue as a hidden battle star.

Pet Cosmetic List

You can earn this list by completing the weekly and seasonal based challenges. To unlock your first pet, you need to complete tier 12 of your battle pass that will unlock the puppy “Bonesy”. Another pet can be earned at 29th Tier with name “Chameleon”. The final pet can be earned at tier 43 which is a small dragon having a name “Scales”.

Sprays Cosmetic List

Fortnite cosmetic list

You can use these sprays at any surface depending on the platform. You can use these spray on floor, walls, and ceilings. For PC, you can press the “B” key. For Xbox and PlayStation, press down a key on your directional pad i.e, D-pad.

Toy Cosmetic List

This list was released in Battle Pass Season 5. You can use this item to make interaction with sports areas on the map. Hit golf balls into the holes or shoot basketballs in hoops. Whenever you make any shot or sink a golf ball in the hole you will find noise showed with an animation. So these are the Fortnite Skins List details. Read this carefully.

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