PUBG Mobile Apk Download Latest Version, Tips & Tricks, Features

PUBG is known as Player’s Unknown Battleground, developed by PUBG corporation. This is an online multiplayer battle royale game that can be played solo, duo, or in the squad. The PUBG game is available on Android, iOS, Mac, PC, and all other devices. You can download PUBG Mobile Apk by following the below-mentioned process. Till then you can check its features, system requirements, download processes, tips and tricks, and many other details.

PUBG Mobile


In this game, you find 100 of players walking on remote of 8*8 km island to locate and scavenge weapons, vehicles, and supplies. They need to defeat every player graphically with the rich battleground. They need to force players to come into the shrinking play zone. You need to get ready for the land, loot, and do anything for survival. Recently the PUBG Corporation will be going to release its new season PUBG Season 5.

What are the features of PUBG?

  • Graphics: You will find an incredible experience with amazing gameplay effects. You will find a massive HD map, all these will give a cinematic experience as you have HD quality audio, 3D sound effects, and amazing sound.
  • Weapons: Enjoy playing with an arsenal of firearms, melee weapons with realistic ballistics and trajectories giving you aspiration to shoot, beat, and incinerate of your adversaries.
  • Squad: You can play this game in a squad. To win the game, you need to battle with your friends to survive in the game till last. You can coordinate with your friends via voice chat or by setting up the perfect ambush.
  • Anti-Cheat mechanism: PUBG has strong anti-cheat mechanism that gives the players fun and fair environment.
  • Travel: Experience lots of vehicles like cars, motorcycles, boats, and trucks to catch your enemies and race them.

How to win PUBG Mobile (Tips & Tricks)?

  • Select the right weapon and costume before playing.

  • Before going to start the game, choose the drop location. You must drop into an area where you find more weapons and fewer people. Choose the place where you find more consumables and other kinds of stuff. Hence choose the best loot spots where you can loot excessively.

  • Start Loot: At the time of battle, your first priority is to loot not killing your enemies. Make sure that the collecting weapon must be your first priority after which body armor and healing items are your next priority. After getting all weapons and armors, choose the right weapons according to your enemies and area.

  • Follow Map: While playing the PUBG game, you need to follow the map which is located at the left top side of the screen so that you can see the live map location. With the map, you can track enemies using gunshot and footsteps. So while playing the game, you need to keep your eyes everything.

  • Range: Keep your eye on the range. If you know how to use PvP shooters and know the range then only starts shooting your enemies. To kill enemies, you need shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, and sniper rifles.

  • Keep your eye on mobile aggressively for careful precision. You can use your headphones to keep track on footsteps aggressively. This will give you an idea as to when you need to trigger the gun and track the footsteps of your enemy.

  • Move: You need to keep moving so that you will not be killed, do not stick at one location. Be safe from snipers that will help you survive for the longer duration.

  • Use Silencers: Select such type of weapons that have silencers like Sniper, AR, and SMG. If you shoot your enemy then you will not be going to hear any noise and at last, you will not be tracked.

  • Position: Take care about your position; you need to lie down on your knees so that your enemy cannot recognize you.

PUBG System Requirements

Information PUBG Details
Game Name PUBG Mobile
Current Version V0.10.0
Updated Date 18th December 2018
Space Required 39M
Requirement Android 5.1.1 and up

If you have iOS device and you want to know the requirements then you can download it in iPhone 5S and above versions i.e., iOS 9, 10, 11, or later. It also supports Galaxy Note 8, Sony Xperia XZ1, Galaxy S8, Google Pixel 2, Galaxy Note 5, Huawei Honor 8, LG G5, Redmi 4A, Huawei P9, Sony Xperia X, Redmi Note 4, and many more.

How to download PUBG Apk for Android?

  • If you want to download PUBG game on your android device, then you have to click on the below link.

***Click Here to Download PUBG Game***

  • After clicking on the link, you will find three options for login, select the most preferred one.
  • Within a few seconds, you will find that PUBG gets downloaded.

How to Install PUBG Apk on Android?

  • After downloading the PUBG Mobile Apk, you need to make some changes in your phone settings.
  • Go to the settings part and then security.
  • Click on the security option and then select unknown sources.
  • Then go to the download option, click on the PUBG latest version and then hit on Install.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions and enjoy the game.

PUBG Mobile Download

How to download PUBG Mobile on iPhone?

  • If you want to download PUBG on iPhone then click on the below link

***Click Here to Download PUBG Mobile***

  • After clicking on the link, you will find a few instructions that you need to follow.
  • Within a few minutes, you will find that PUBG is downloaded on your iPhone device.

How to install PUBG Mobile on iPhone?

  • After you have downloaded on iPhone, you need to make some changes in your iPhone settings.
  • Go to your phone settings and look for the security option.
  • Enable the unknown sources.
  • Then again go to the download page and choose the latest version and continue downloading the PUBG Apk.
  • Follow the instructions that are mentioned on the page.
  • Start playing the game on your iPhone device.

How to download PUBG Mobile on PC?

  • For PUBG Mobile Download PC, you need to install a bluestack first. Bluestack is an android emulator that helps in downloading apk.
  • Run the Bluestack installer.
  • Complete your one-time setup.
  • Look for the PUBG Mobile by typing the name in the search bar located at the right corner top side.
  • Install the PUBG Mobile by clicking on the Install icon.
  • After the completion of the installation, click on the PUBG Mobile icon located in My Apps tab.
  • Enjoy playing PUBG Mobile on your device.

How to play PUBG Mobile (Multiplayer)?

You can play the PUBG game via solo, duo, or in the squad for which you need to choose an option from three options listed at the home page. If you want to play with your friends, then you need to log PUBG with Facebook and then choose your friends. You can play with your friends on Android and iOS both devices.

How to add friends in PUBG Mobile?

  • Install PUBG Mobile on your device.
  • Click on your friend’s icon located on the left side.
  • Now click on the icon Add Friend located at the right side or you can search by name in the advanced search.
  • To search for your friend, enter his or her name in the advanced search and click on the search icon.
  • After getting the friend suggestion, click on the Add Friend icon that will send a request to your friend.
  • Whenever your friend accepts your request he or she will add in your invite list and whenever he or she comes online you can play with them.

How to talk in PUBG Mobile?

If your friend has sent a friend request for playing PUBG, then you will find a friend request in your friend’s icon.

  • Open the game.
  • Click on the friend’s icon having friend’s request.
  • To accept a friend request, you can click Accept button on your friend’s request.
  • In order to talk to your friends, you can use the voice chat of PUBG Mobile with your squad.
  • Start a conversation by tapping on speaker or mic placed at the home page.
  • You can also send a message to your friend by clicking on Start a Chat.

This is all about PUBG Mobile Apk. If you have any questions then you can mention it in the comment box below and one of our team members will get back with the answer soon.

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