PUBG Mobile Season 7 Release Date, Royale Pass (Details LEAKED)

Day by Day, PUBG is gaining immense popularity and is now became one of the favorite Battle Royale game for the android game lover. In a quarter, PUBG launches its 2 seasons to keep its lovers entertaining. After the launch of PUBG Mobile Season 6, the developer has started working on releasing the PUBG Mobile Season 7. You can check the release date, features, and royale pass of PUBG Mobile Season 7 below by scrolling down the page.

 PUBG Mobile Season 6 end date is 15th May 2019 and PUBG Season 7 start date will be 18th May 2019

PUBG Mobile Season 6

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Release Date

The fan following of PUBG is gaining day by day. You might be curious to know What is the PUBG Mobile Season 6 release date? Here you can check the PUBG Season 7 release date. The release date of this upcoming season is yet not confirmed but we will update it soon here.

On 21st November 2018, there was a launch of PUBG Mobile Season 4 whereas the PUBG Mobile Season 5 was released on 23rd January 2019. The PUBG Mobile Season 6 was released on 21st March 2019. Soon after the release of PUBG Mobile Season 6, the developers have started working on releasing the PUBG Season 7. If you are also waiting to know the release date of Season 7 then you can get the information from here.

As per expectation about PUBG season 7 leaks, it might release on 18th May 2019. The date is yet not known, but this upcoming season is considered to be the most amazing season.

PUBG Mobile Season 6 is 15th May 2019 and just after 3 or 4 days of this end date, the epic games will release its new season PUBG Mobile Season 7. 

PUBG Season 6 Royale Pass

As we all know the royale pass of the previous season will expire with the launch of the new season. Hence, the royale pass of season 5 will expire with the launch of Season 6 PUBG. You will be going to take the new royale pass for the new season. We will update you when the new royale pass for the season 6 is available for purchase along with the price details. Till then stay connected with our website to know the right details.

PUBG Mobile Update

As per PUBG Mobile season 6 leaks, you will find a new vehicle, rifle, and colorful skins. The theme can be a summer based theme, yet not known as it is not yet declared by the officials. We are waiting for the official announcement so that we can provide you with the right information.


In PUBG Mobile Season 6, you will find amazing skins that you can buy from an item shop.

  • Backpack skin: In this season you might find Dacia skin which is also known as backpack skin and a lot more costumes.
  • The popular and most searched news about season 6 is Anniversary Set having black and purple finishing. The skin will run and jump around the zombies to kill them via frag grenade.


In this upcoming season, you will find some strange emotes. As per PUBG Mobile Season 6 leaks, you might find:

Sad Emote: In this upcoming season, you will find Sad Emote that will be quite interesting.

Look At Me: You will find look at me emote also.

Along with these emotes, you will also find two other dances that will reward you for mission completion. You will also find the victory celebration and the crab dance in season 6.


You might be curious to know the upcoming weapons. In Season 6, you will find some interesting weapons and riders:

  • The new Assault Rifle G36C might be seen in PUBG Mobile Season 6. The rifle is quite competitive to M416 and its firing speed is also less than M416.
  • You will find Scorpion pistol having 40 bullet cases inside it. This can beat UMP9 as it is quite similar to the gun.
  • Tukshai: You will find this vehicle that appears similar to the auto rickshaw. The speed of this vehicle is not much but you can see in Sanhok map.
  • Convertible Race-Car: You will also find convertible race-car which is available all over the map.

You will find a colorful boy and girl’s skins that will double your entertainment. In this season, you will find new pickaxe, glider, and other weapons that you can use to kill zombies. We will soon update the list of PUBG skins and weapons here so that you can check which of the skins and weapons are available at an item shop and at what price. So stay connected with this page so that you will get the right information. You can also bookmark the page to save your search time and effort.

If you want any other information related to PUBG Mobile Royale pass or Fortnite game then you can mention it in the comment box placed below. Our team member will definitely help you solve your issues. If you want any other information about PUBG new season then also you can mention it in the comment box.

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