Upcoming Fortnite Skins (Fortnite Season 7) Christmas Skin

The arrival of December month brings the excitement of Fortnite Season 7 release. You might be curious to know the details of Fortnite season 7 but there is no such news and details revealed about season 7 yet. But after doing research and as per rumors we have commuted details about upcoming Fortnite skins, costumes, and other things.

Upcoming Fortnite Skins

Fortnite upcoming skins

The Epic game is going to release its next season soon, but not revealed the details about the skins, release date, and locations. As per rumors you can expect some wintry and snowy skins and themes. You might get Santa skin also. The theme can be a winter or Christmas theme. So are you ready to welcome Christmas theme based season?

The epic game has just released an epic skin, named “Airheart” which is aviation-themed outfit and has a rare availability. In this skin, you will find an orange-haired female with blue color aviator suit and has brown pants. In this skin, you will find aviator goggles and has bonus back bling airflow that completes its whole look.

Fortnite Season7 Skins

As per sources, you can expect amazing skins in the upcoming Fortnite Season 7. We are quite sure about the two skins which will be available in Fortnite Season 7 that are Longshot and another is Insight. Both of them are a rare tier. You might expect these two skins in a few days at an item shop. There will be a male variant skin Power chord which was previously available in the game.

The Fortnite users can take a look on few Fortnite leaked skins or all Fortnite skins list. Guan Yu is the skin which is not released yet. This is said to be a terrifying skin. Another is Insight skin, instinct, longshot, onesie, and K-pop.

upcoming fortnite skins

Apart from the skins, you can take a look on back bling also, you might see the loyal shield, a reaction tank, scope satchel, and sight sling.

Fortnite Season  7 Release date

With December starting, the epic games are now coming to the end of this Fortnite Season 6 and are fully set to release Fortnite Season 7. The date of season 7 is still not known but we can expect that the Fortnite Season 7 might be released soon in the mid of December.

As soon as we get the information about the Fortnite season 7, we will update it here. So stay connected to see the upcoming Fortnite skins of Fortnite season 7.

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